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Asian Development Bank and Gates Foundation set up new sanitation trust fund

05 Sep 13


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have set up a joint trust fund to expand non-sewered sanitation and septage management solutions across Asia. The Gates Foundation will invest US$ 15 million into the new Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund, which will leverage more than US$ 28 million in investments from ADB by 2017.

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Spanish water fund for Latin America drops to US$ 15 million in 2012

25 Jun 12


The total budget for the Spanish Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean is forecast to be 15 million Euros this year compared to 150 million Euros in 2011. As part of its austerity measures, Spain is cutting its development aid budget by 75%, which will include cancelling all non-emergency aid to Latin America in 2012.

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HSBC launches US$ 100 million water partnership with WaterAid, WWF and Earthwatch

13 Jun 12


British multinational bank HSBC has launched a new US$ 100 million, five year partnership with WaterAid, WWF and the Earthwatch Institute. The HSBC Water Programme will bring safe water and improved sanitation to over a million people; tackle water risks in river basins; and raise awareness about the global water challenge. The programme is backed-up by a report commissioned by HSBC, which highlights “the powerful economic rationale for improving access to freshwater and sanitation, at a time when total aid for water access and sanitation has actually declined”.

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Netherlands: water escapes ODA cuts in 2012

23 Sep 11

The Netherlands will increase overseas development aid (ODA) in the water sector next year despite an overall cut of € 958 million in ODA. Total spending for integrated water resources management (IWRM), water and sanitation in 2012 will amount to € 181 million, which is € 54 million more than in 2011.

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Sanitation: global financing facility seeking partners

16 Dec 10

With the launch of its web site and social media channels, the World Sanitation Financing Facility (WSSF) hopes to attract more technical and financial consortium partners.

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UNICEF: why are health and water divided over subsidies?

03 Dec 10

UNICEF has been asking itself why different approaches to user fees and subsidies are promoted and operated in different areas of work central to its focus on children and parents. Why for example, if user fees are so important in water, has the health sector been promoting free distribution of mosquito nets and vaccines and services such as antenatal checks? Why is free primary school education seen as important, if free sanitation is not.

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India, Maharashtra: surcharge on mineral water to pay for rural water supply

22 Jul 10

Maharashtra state hopes to generate an extra US$ 171 million to improve rural water supply through a one Rupee surcharge on bottled mineral water.

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India: government approves increase in unit costs for school toilets

22 Jul 10

The Indian government has approved a 60-100% increase in unit costs for school and kindergarten toilets being constructed under the Total Sanitation Campaign. The government hopes the revision will speed up construction so that all the rural government schools and kindergartens get sanitation facilities by March 2011.

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Crowdsourcing: innovative web site offers cash for water solutions

19 Jan 10

An open innovation marketplace uses “crowdsourcing” to solve water and sanitation challenges in exchange for the opportunity to earn cash awards.

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Microfinance: local entrepreneurs in Bangladesh provide affordable sanitation

13 Nov 09

With access to microcredit, local small entrepreneurs can now produce and market a range of affordable sanitation options for households, thanks to a pilot project supported by the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP).

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